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Welcome to Associate Landscaping, Inc.
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Associate Landscaping is a full-service licensed and insured landscaping company that serves the North Bay, East Bay and San Francisco.

With over thirty years of practical experience, we’re highly skilled in masonry, carpentry, tree pruning, irrigation, horticulture, and all other aspects of commercial and residential landscaping.

By making quality, customer service and craftsmanship at the forefront in everything we do, Associate Landscaping has grown and flourished. Today, we can proudly say that Associate Landscaping is one of the best-reviewed and most referred landscaping companies in northern California.

Before we enter into any project at Associate Landscaping, we sit down with you to discuss your landscaping needs, weighing all of the intangibles and determining your immediate and long-term goals. After this initial assessment, we will always provide a free written and itemized estimate, so that you can see exactly where your money will be going.

At Associate Landscaping, we bring value to the entire job, by proactively finding practical and affordable solutions that will fulfill your requirements within your specific time constraints and on budget. 

When it comes to local laws, codes and special requirements for building anything on your property, Associate Landscaping has been there and done that. So, you can rest assured that we’ll handle all the details when it comes to either permits and/or plans when it comes to any landscape construction project that we perform for you.

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What People Are Saying About Us
Our customers aren't afraid to tell the world that we've done a great job for them, because they value our quality, work ethic and skills. If you ever want a full list of references, just simply ask.

Due to drought conditions, we decided to remove our lawn and put in groundcover, native & resistant plants.  After much research & a few interviews we selected Associated Landscaping operated by David Sterneberg. The project involved removing the lawn, changing the irrigation system to drip, changing sprinkler stations, installing ground cover, planting numerous plants and many other efforts.

His crew was very detail and knew what to do. They clean up at the end of each day. David and his crew were very punctual in getting work done.  He also stayed within the budget presented at the beginning of the project.His crew was very respectful and would work around us when necessary.

David checked on the landscaping project daily with his crew and us to assure everything was going well.  If there were changes David would discuss with us.  He was also excellent in helping find affordable  items and supplies. He did a couple of follow up visits to review the irriigation system and assure everything was working.

We found Associated Landscaping to be an excellent landscaping company who I would use again and recommend to anyone

John N. | Santa Rosa CA

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ARTICLE: Flooded yard is a real pain

Flooded yard is a real pain
Q: Hello Associate Landscaping. It recently rained here in Benicia for roughly eight days in a row and the soil was saturated, so our backyard got flooded big-time. How can we prevent this from happening again in the future, because this is a mess!
First off, our condolences. A flooded yard is a real pain and it can lead to further problems down the road if you don’t deal with the issue promptly. Having a lovely yard is the dream of every homeowner. But without proper drainage this can all be under water with just one rain shower. The chances of this happening will increase if your home is located at the base of a slope. If the water in your yard does not drain out fast enough, it might even flood your house at some point.

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